Mr Blinco

Aman was a very popular student, both amongst the staff and pupils. He was a larger than life character who always had a cheeky grin on his face. He was one of those people who always made you feel happy or made you laugh, not for attention, not for effect but because he was simply being himself (or being Aman). . When he entered a classroom, sports hall, changing room or even a sports field he had a real presence – lifting the mood of that environment and without actually knowing it, becoming the centre of attention. People were drawn to him and his easygoing nature. As a person, appearance was very important to him. He was always wellgroomed, wearing the latest fashion and never having a hair out of place. Indeed, at times his hair became the focal point in his appearance – it was only last year he had a trendy red stripe put in his hair. When we had a joke about this, he even suggested that I try it to cover up the grey in mine.

As you are probably aware, sport was a real passion of his. He lived for his sport and the challenges that it presented him. We, as teachers in the PE department, saw him as a talented all-rounder, possessing a high level of skill and a real determination to succeed.

Rugby was Aman’s passion and he was a very strong player – something you will hear about very shortly from my colleague Mr Lloyd, who was Aman’s rugby coach.

In remembering Aman, I do not want you just to hear my memories or stories of him, but also from those who were closest to him at school – his friends.

This story is from Jack and is titled ‘Million Pound Ideas’.

Aman always used to think up ideas that would make him and his friends lots of money, fast. Needless to say, they rarely came off. The most recent being a small group of us (Aman, Jack, Julian and Joe) were going to buy a batch of Nokia N95s from a guy in Romania, at a hugely discounted price, and then sell them on. In theory, we worked out that we could make £275 on each phone, and I’m sure if we had got the phones we could. However, when Aman realised it would cost a large fee to transfer money, we were put off the idea. There were also loads of other things, like buying sweets in bulk and selling them at school and buying Ralph Lauren polo-shirts and selling them. I can’t actually remember a time when Aman actually pulled a scheme off! But I’m sure if he was still here today he would keep trying.

This one is from Jack and is titled ‘Borat and the Man Bikini’.

Aman one day brought in a fluorescent man bikini – the kind Borat wears. It was very revealing and showed a lot of flesh. He decided to model this in the boys PE changing rooms before one of his lessons. As he got changed, Mr Blinco walked in and saw Aman wearing this very bright costume. When Mr Blinco suggested Aman model the costume outside for the girls, it was an offer he could not resist.

As you have heard, Aman made a lasting impression on so many people’s lives.

As we all sit here today, Aman would not want us to feel sad or shed a tear. That was not his way. Instead, he would want us to celebrate his life and enjoy the moments and memories we have of him.

Aman, you will always be in our hearts, minds and thoughts. You were one of life’s true characters.

May you rest in peace.

Tony Blinco

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